the form of punishment is stupid

the form of punishment is stupid and very childish. Oh i forgot to shave so now i have to write a page.  waste of time and energy is this sitting in here and missing natures bliss. This punishment does not defer me from doing wrong to those besides me.  So why I ask is this in place its like punishing a criminal with ajello mace. To this regard I must say I guess I have to grow my hair another day


Oh my Oh my

Oh what a plea

To discharge my soul

From this dentention droul

But the answer I seek

Is fun not bleek so write a poem I shall

About a large man named hal


Its his brain I say

It is in quite a dismay

Thinking trvial thoughts

Like where is the best place to fish

The cod I dream of doesn’t jump on my dish

The marbles must poses the marble

These examples are clear

We must send him near

A doctor of brains

And a doctor of viens

There conclusion I hope

Will stop him from dope

The ending I see

Will maybe be happy