I am broken

You made me see something I have never seen

You made me feel something I have never felt

You made me hear things I have never heard

You made me love




Then I hurt you

Then I hurt you again

Then I hurt you again and agian and again

I made a choice, and it hurt you more than anything I had ever done


You left

You walked away

You threw it all away

You are working to forget

You are working to love again

You are looking for ways to move on

You are broken

I broke you

I broke me


I sit hear day after day and I do not see

I wake up every morning and I do not feel

I say words to people that care for me and I do not hear

I move forward and grow older and I do not love

I am broken

I am more than broken

I am broken and lonley

I am broken and stuck

I am broken and living with my descision

I am broken and no longer have you to fix me

I am broken and I broke the only one I want ot be with

I am broken and deserve to be

I am broken and every day I choose to stay this way




I want you fixed

I want you back

I want to say I am sorry and be forgiven

I want you fixed

I want me fixed

I want us fixed

I want to see again

I want to feel again

I want to hear again

I want to love again

I want you

I want only you

I want to break free of my descision

I want to run to you

I want to ask for your forgiveness

I want to be forgiven

I want to touch you

I want to kiss you

I want to love you

I want to be with you

I want to fuck you

I want to be fixed

I want to be FIXED!!!

I want to be….fixed




It doesn't matter what I want

I made the choice

I don't get to want

I get to stay broken


Only a miricle will fix me

But, I don't deserve a miricle…only you do