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Two weeks till I can start painting agian

In two weeks I get my art space back. I have been sharing it with the folks from Greenfest Philly for the past few weeks.  I have all of these good ideas for the doodles series I need to start trying out on the canvas.  Also, if any one has any old picture frame or glass I would love to know.  I am always looking for some extra materials.


 Well see everyone this Sunday at greenfest. 


New sections on the site

Added poetry and photos to the site. Will work on getting a section on the book I am working on soon. I am also going to add a section on cool things I read or see. For example a few pieces from the MOMA that I thought kicked but.

Updating the Web Page

Hey Folks

I am in the midst of updating the web page, uploading the latest images and getting a bit more organized.  Thanks to all of the folks that came out on first friday this week.