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Selling art this friday


So my freind pam spins fire. Very cool – got to see her and many other burners do thier thing.

Also I and a few friends will be at first friday this week. See you there.

T shirt ideas

Here is the first of many t-shirt designs.  I will create a system for buying them online from the site.  They may be a little pricey since i am only going to make them as they are ordered.

Two weeks till I can start painting agian

In two weeks I get my art space back. I have been sharing it with the folks from Greenfest Philly for the past few weeks.  I have all of these good ideas for the doodles series I need to start trying out on the canvas.  Also, if any one has any old picture frame or glass I would love to know.  I am always looking for some extra materials.


 Well see everyone this Sunday at greenfest.