About The Art

A Look Into My Brain I walk through life as a jack of all trades, absorbing huge amounts of scattered knowledge. Part of me starts comparing, grouping, and filing trying to find an underlying connection, a hidden trend of human nature.  But the loafer in me sets in, letting the details fade away into simple ideas.  Lastly   add in a cup of my zany bohemian style and strange optimism, and WHAMMO, you have the making of The JJ Style. The simplicity, that I find in everyday things help me create these unique images strait from the playground in my mind.  The details, complications, and biases are all left in the white space, to be filled in like a mental coloring book.  The seed I plant is analogues to a passing cloud; where I see a turtle, you see a rabbit.


So what do you see?

 My work is playful, simple and fun.  I work with just about any medium I can get my hands on, Painting, clay, metal and glass are just a few of my favorites.  But with all mediums I still always find a way to not fit into any specific category.  I am always on the lookout for any new creative adventures, so who knows what you will see next.


I will start you off with some of my favorite sayings;

~ The glass is neither half full nor half empty;

the cup is just the wrong size.


~ Don’t think inside or outside of the box,

Just forget about the box altogether

and recycle it.


~ When you come to the fork in the road, you have to ask yourself,

should I go right, or left?

Or can my 4 wheel drive SUV make it down the middle.


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